Tina Shaina GambinoThe REFLECTIONS Scholarship recognizes students who are caring, good citizens within both school and community and achieve academic success commensurate with their personal aptitude. Consideration is given to students who evidence characteristics of Tina.

The REFLECTIONS Scholarship established in Tina's memory is awarded every year to distinguished Pleasantville High School students in

Recognition of Exhibiting Features Largely Emulating Characteristics of Tina ~
Integrity, Optimism, and Never-ending Smiles

REFLECTIONS Scholarship recipients receive a total of $6978 ($1700 per year for a maximum of four years) toward their college education. The first year an additional $178 representing the sum of money contained in the wallet that Tina found and returned to its owner is bestowed.

Tina's 5K Run/Walk

Tina's 5k came into being when 12 year old Michael Bloom, decided to organize the run to honor Tina and to raise funds for the REFLECTIONS Scholarship established in her memory. His connection to Tina began eleven years ago when she became his babysitter...his first and only. Tina's desire to be considered an organ donor was sadly and most especially realized by the four people she would never meet, the recipients of her special gifts. This year, in keeping with Tina's spirit of generosity, a gift will also be made to the Organ Donor Network.

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Drive Smart

The "Drive Smart" program in collaboration with Pleasantville High School is for the new teen driver, parents and guardians. In addition to the safety of driving the program includes a presentation on organ donor awareness.


On Thanksgiving Day, with the support and generosity of friends, family and community, nourishment is provided to staff and families of patients in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of the Maria Fareri Children's Hospital. It was there during the Thanksgiving holiday period in 2004 that our family navigated through the most difficult passage in our lives.

Tina's Sportsmanship Award

The Tina Gambino Sportsmanship Award, which includes a $1000 monetary gift, is presented to a graduating high school senior who is selected by the athletic department. The following conveys Tina's spirit, the basis for the award:

"Sportsmanship is the ability to continue playing the game fairly even when the opposition doesn't

Sportsmanship means being at practice and giving your all though you know your position may at times be bench warmer

Sportsmanship is giving thumbs up when a teammate excels and a high-five to the one who often doesn't

Sportsmanship is playing with every ounce of competitive spirit even when you know the game has been lost

Sportsmanship, as player or spectator, is having the passion to cheer your team on, the gift to forgive the errors and the wisdom to keep a smile on your face because when it's all said and done; win or lose; it is just a game."

~ Janice Gambino

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All Pleasantville children should likewise be able to participate in school district time-honored activities; field trips,
celebrations & More... building childhood memories to last a lifetime. This program makes it possible.